2023 Duck Duck Shed

“The Neon Museum’s Duck Duck Shed shows we can still learn from Las Vegas” ~ The Architect’s Newspaper

“The Neon Museum’s Duck Duck Shed may have become one of the city’s must-do arts and culture events in only its second year. ” ~ Las Vegas Weekly


2022 Duck Duck Shed

“Spearheading the charge to see Vegas reconsidered as cultural hotspot from cultural afterthought is The Neon Museum.”

~ Forbes


“Personally I saw a shift in thinking in those that attended Duck Duck Shed from appreciating the architectural history of Las Vegas to realizing that this was heritage, and in many cases, their own heritage, that was being showcased with stories that they had not heard before.  It stirred a passion in attendees to support and contribute to any work that ensures this history is captured, preserved and made accessible to future generations. “

~ Sarah Hulme, Director of Learning | The Neon Museum Las Vegas


“Las Vegas’ substantial expansion of Modernism’s fundamental concepts have only recently begun to gain full recognition in the architecture profession and academies. The first Duck Duck Shed this year was a valuable step on the part of the Neon Museum and the city’s cultural community to define and assert that role. It may have taken a while – it’s been 50 years since “Learning From Las Vegas“ was published – but maybe we have required that distance for people to drop old perceptions of Las Vegas as an anomaly and to reimagine Modernism in the light of 21st century technology, economics, and public life. Duck Duck Shed’s 2022 programming faced these issues head-on.”

~ Alan Hess


“The Neon Museum is a great building in the Las Vegas tradition and an architectural gem.”

~ Melvyn Green


“Duck Duck Shed is a paradigm shift that elevates the architectural realms of Las Vegas to new heights, expanding the world’s view of the phenomenal city that we all know and love.”

~ Carmen Beals